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Medical Cover Letter Tips

Always send a cover letter with a resume when applying for a job. The cover letter and resume have the same goal to get the interview; however, they should contain different information. The purpose of the cover letter is to …

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4 Qualities You Need to Get the Career You Want in 2014

So you've been unemployed-or perhaps, underemployed-for too long. You are more than ready to get the career you want and become a

Ban on Hiring Smokers

Is the Ban on Hiring Smokers Bigger Than Obesity?

The healthcare industry is leading the way when it comes to an increasingly popular trend—a ban on hiring smokers. What some are referring to

LPN jobs

Hot Jobs: LPN

LPNs serve alongside other distinguished health care professionals and play a major role in providing patient care. Compassion, patience and attention to detail are some defining characteristics for