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Orlando trauma team tells how teamwork saved dozens of lives from the Pulse nightclub shooting

Courtesy From American Mobile “‘Get ready, I don’t know yet, but something might be coming our way.” That statement came from Sarah Duran, RN, BSN, who was in charge of the Orlando Regional Medical Center (ORMC) in Florida on the …

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Travel Nurses, Nervous for Your First Day? We Can Help!

Feeling nervous about your first day as a travel nurse? Check out these helpful tips to feel more prepared! [caption id="attachment_2706" align="alignnone" width="375" caption="http://www.amnhealthcare.com/"][/caption]   (Image from AMN Healthcare,


Resume Tips for Nurses

An effective resume will open up many job opportunities for you. There is a great demand for nursing jobs. Hence to grab the best job positions, you have

non M.D.

Study Finds Midwives & Nurses Are As Good As Doctors

According to a recent study by the World Health Organization (WHO), midwives, nurse practitioners, physician assistants and other non-M.D.s are just as good as doctors in the care

UC Hospitals-Strike

Thousands of University of California Healthcare Workers Go on Strike

Thousands of healthcare workers walked off the job in protest of staff shortages at the University of California's five medical centers on Tuesday. The strike caused the hospital

National Nurses Week - Nurses give us hope.

HealthCareerWeb.com Recognizes National Nurses Week 2013

National Nurses Week is observed annually during May 6 - May 12. The weeklong celebration pays homage to the nursing profession and the


Medical Community Responds to Boston Marathon Patients

The country still has to recover from the shock that perpetrated Monday’s Boston Marathon bombings. Spectators, police, and volunteers helped several individuals with injuries, until they received medical

LPN jobs

Hot Jobs: LPN

LPNs serve alongside other distinguished health care professionals and play a major role in providing patient care. Compassion, patience and attention to detail are some defining characteristics for

Nurse Student

If There’s a Nursing Shortage…Where Are the Nursing Jobs?

For many years, nursing was touted as a recession-proof career, however, the monstrous recession of 2008, proved otherwise. In 2001,


10 Highest-Paying Nursing Jobs of 2012

It’s common to hear nurses make a lot of money…well, maybe they do, but the hours, commitment, emotional support—every