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The Top Tips for First-Day Travel Nurses

First day on your new travel nursing job? You’re only human so it’s natural to feel nervous and overwhelmed. Remember why you’re here and how hard you worked to get here! With these tips from experienced travel nurses, you will …

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Healthcare Dominates

5 Cities Where the Healthcare Industry Dominates

Depending on how you look at it, this is an exciting time to be a part of the healthcare industry. Reform will accelerate technological


Begin Your Career in the Healthcare Industry

One of the many reasons individuals choose to enter the Healthcare Industry is due to its firm resilience during financial crisis. It doesn't matter at which stage you


4 Qualities You Need to Get the Career You Want in 2014

So you've been unemployed-or perhaps, underemployed-for too long. You are more than ready to get the career you want and become a


How to Build Your Healthcare Resume And CV

Depending on your  occupation and role in the Healthcare industry you will either need a Resume or CV or both documents. The main difference between these documents is length; resumes

healthy job search

Healthy Ways to Manage the Highs and Lows of Your Job Search

These days it seems like everyone has a short fuse. From road rage to poor customer service, there is more than enough anger to go around. Peace of

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Best Healthcare Jobs for 2013

Healthcare is one of those industries where you can do good and make good money. The demand for quality healthcare professionals will continue to grow as the population

LPN jobs

Hot Jobs: LPN

LPNs serve alongside other distinguished health care professionals and play a major role in providing patient care. Compassion, patience and attention to detail are some defining characteristics for

Nurse Student

If There’s a Nursing Shortage…Where Are the Nursing Jobs?

For many years, nursing was touted as a recession-proof career, however, the monstrous recession of 2008, proved otherwise. In 2001,


10 Highest-Paying Nursing Jobs of 2012

It’s common to hear nurses make a lot of money…well, maybe they do, but the hours, commitment, emotional support—every