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A Breath of Fresh Air? Maybe Not For Your Heart

February is American Heart Month, calling attention to the leading cause of death in the United States as well as highlighting numerous ways to help keep your heart healthy. But what if simply breathing is detrimental to the health of …

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February Is National Heart Disease Awareness Month: Is Your Heart in Good Hands?

February is about more than Valentine's Day. Cupid's arrows are not enough to thwart the impact of heart disease. This month presents


The REAL “Good Mood Foods”

Maybe you've seen the Arby's ads on television lately. You would probably remember if you had, as it's one of the worst commercials out

Elizabeth Banks Go Red For Women

Heart Attacks Strike Younger Women

Contrary to popular belief, heart attacks aren't something you can put off worrying about until you're an AARP card member. What's more, you may have already had a