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How Language Barriers Affect Healthcare

Effectively communicating with patients who are native English speakers can be challenging enough, but imagine how language barriers affect the level of care a patient receives. Providing quality health care for people with Limited English Proficiency (LEP) presents a great …

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Healthcare Dominates

5 Cities Where the Healthcare Industry Dominates

Depending on how you look at it, this is an exciting time to be a part of the healthcare industry. Reform will accelerate technological


Begin Your Career in the Healthcare Industry

One of the many reasons individuals choose to enter the Healthcare Industry is due to its firm resilience during financial crisis. It doesn't matter at which stage you


Medical Cover Letter Tips

Always send a cover letter with a resume when applying for a job. The cover letter and resume have the same goal to get the interview; however, they


Tips to Help Prepare You for an Interview in Health Care

After applying to what may seem like an endless array of job openings, you finally receive a call for an interview. Waiting until the night before to do


4 Qualities You Need to Get the Career You Want in 2014

So you've been unemployed-or perhaps, underemployed-for too long. You are more than ready to get the career you want and become a


Too Few Female Executives in Healthcare?

Although women account for nearly three fourths of medical and health services managers, they make up less than 5% of healthcare organization CEOs and 18% of hospital CEOs, according


Resume vs. CV, Which One Should You Be Using?

While many people use the words resume and curriculum vitae (CV) interchangeably, they are two very different types of documents that are used to secure employment. Knowing which


How to Build Your Healthcare Resume And CV

Depending on your  occupation and role in the Healthcare industry you will either need a Resume or CV or both documents. The main difference between these documents is length; resumes

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Healthy Ways to Manage the Highs and Lows of Your Job Search

These days it seems like everyone has a short fuse. From road rage to poor customer service, there is more than enough anger to go around. Peace of