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Music Warding off Hearing Loss

Music Fending Off Hearing Loss As We Get Older

It isn’t breaking news that as we get older our hearing deteriorates but new research does suggest a way to ward off hearing loss. Auditory Neuroscience Laboratory at Northwestern University suggests that embracing music early in life can help. It …

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sleeping sound

Sleep Tips: 4 Tips to Have You Sleeping Like a Baby

Are you tossing and turning all night long? The seasons are changing and we are heading into colder weather, aka the sick season. Sleep is more important this

Contagion Credit: Warner Bros. Studios

Is ‘Contagion’ Already Happening?

'Contagion' is a fictional thriller that is centered around the threat posed by a deadly disease and portrays the CDC's response to the outbreak. The movie has everyone

Naeglerias courtesy of CDC

Brain-Eating Amoebas Causing Tragedies in Southern States

Yes, you read the title right. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention confirmed today that there have been three deaths due to rare infections from brain-eating amoebas


Do vitamins do more harm than good?

On ABC World News, Dr. Lori Minasian said, "Many people are taking supplements because they view it as a health insurance." But with recent news I ask, do