iPads Invading the Medical Field [VIDEO]

iPads have engrossed the consumer market and have also invaded the medical field. While they are changing the way we live and do business they are also changing the way we practice medicine. The medical field has been complaining about silicon valley not coming out with new technologies that will change the medical field. Well. we are singing a different tune now. Mashable came out with a story yesterday about how iPads have invaded hospitals.

iPads have become such a perfect fit for doctors and healthcare professionals because they can carry around everything they might need on a device that is the same size as a clipboard. There are numerous opportunities for iPads in hospitals but regulations do come into question. Here are five ways of how hospitals are currently using iPads:

  1. Maintaining Medical Records
    • Doctors no longer have to carry around their patients’ paper medical records. Now, they are able to keep their patients’ medical records right on their iPad.
  2. iPad for Patient Care
    • Doctors are able to check test results like EKGs and X-rays through these devices. Talk about convenience.
  3. Education and Treatment
    • There are multiple ways that iPads are being used to educate. Doctors and nurses are able to use iPads to educate their patients about their illnesses and possible treatments. iPads can also be used with children to help divert their attention so treatments can be preformed with more ease.
  4. Constant Communication with Doctors
    • Many people are able to check in at work without having to physically going in. iPads now allow doctors to do the same. They can check on their patients’ records and also their conditions without having to go into the hospital. This gives the opportunity for patient treatments to be handled quicker and easier.
  5. Hospital Construction
    • This device is allowing companies to view plans and hospitals designs on the iPad. Thus, leading to perfect hospitals faster.


Are you or have you seen iPads being used in your hospital or clinic? How so?



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