Do vitamins do more harm than good?


On ABC World News, Dr. Lori Minasian said, “Many people are taking supplements because they view it as a health insurance.” But with recent news I ask, do vitamins do more harm than good?

There has been a lot of media coverage warning healthy males that they should no longer get PSA tests to check for prostate cancer. Just days later researchers at the National Cancer Institute announced that vitamin E also poses a health risk for men. They found there was a 17% greater risk of developing prostate cancer in men that took high doses of vitamin E.

Men were not alone this week in wondering if it was really worth it to take vitamins. Another alarming study was released about vitamins but its focus was on women who where taking vitamin supplements. A study out of the University of Minnesota, concluded that on average, women who took supplements had a 2.4% increased risk of dying compared to women who did not take vitamin supplements. The research was collected three times over a course of nineteen years and adjusted for factors including woman’s age and calorie intake.

But Why?
The dietary supplement study author Jaakko Mursu, an epidemiologist at the University of Minnesota School of Public Health, has a theory behind why these supplements are causing risks. He believes that the high amounts of compounds are becoming toxic and then the long-term use leads to detrimental outcomes.

So what should you do?
Simply focus on a healthy diet and seriously reconsider taking vitamin supplements.