3 Amazing Superpowers Any Nurse Would Want

Being a nurse is not an easy task. There is always a patient to tend to, a chart to update, and a test to run. Scrubs Magazine talks about 6 different nurse superpowers that would definitely make your daily work activates a little bit easier. Here are our 3 favorite:

  1. Cloning – the ability to actually be in more than one place at one time (including the break room and bathroom!)
  2. Mind Reading – yes, Doctor so-and-so, of course I can read your mind and know that you meant to order Zosyn instead of Zithromax.
  3. Nurse Midas – Instead of turning everything into gold, the power to turn disgusting smells into lovely fragrances, terrible hospital coffee into a name brand cappuccino, cafeteria food into 4-star cuisine and full hospital beds into empty ones

We personally would want the abilities listed above. What superpower would you want?

To see the full list click here.