Social Media Tips for Health Care Professionals

Employers are very savvy about the way they research prospective new hires, especially health care professionals. With a simple Internet scan, they can quickly find out details about you through social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google + and YouTube. Conducting a review of your social media profiles allows employers to get a better sense of who you are as a person and how you may possibly interact with patients and co-workers. Application materials such as your cover letter or resume do not necessarily provide recruiters with a full picture of your personality.

Social media as a job search tool

When using social media for your job search, keep a simple and consistent theme throughout your network of sites. Your theme should reflect your professional goals and interests. Make sure your profiles demonstrate how you can be a valuable resource for a potential employer. A great way to do this includes posting (or linking to) examples of your work. When it comes to social media, job seekers who are easy to find and match employers’ needs have an advantage in getting hired.

Social media do’s and don’ts for health care professionals:


  • Ensure everything you post is appropriate for a recruiter or hiring manager to read.
  • Monitor any photos and videos on your profiles to ensure they are not embarrassing, revealing or offensive.
  • Post comments that will be of value to your followers (audience).
  • Keep your employment  and skills information current and accurate.


  • Post negative updates unless it’s a good way to showcase how you handle difficult situations or conflicts.
  • Inundate your professional network with information that isn’t relevant to your job search or their industry.
  • Speak negatively about past or current employers, colleagues or patients.
  • Disclose potentially sensitive information about yourself or anyone else on your social media profiles.

Voice Your View: Have you used social media in your job search? Do you consider your role as a health care professional when posting online? Share your experiences in our comments section!