During Healthy Holidays, Portion Control Is Key

As the holidays approach, thoughts of eating healthy seem to escape us. Here at HealthCareerWeb.com, we believe food is a wonderful thing— especially, when it’s delicious and nutritious. All you food fanatics can relate to the agony of having to hold back when you really just want to dive right in— to second, third and perhaps, even sixth—helpings of that mouthwatering Thanksgiving spread adorning the dinner table. While Thanksgiving is generally observed as a time of reflection and gratitude, it’s almost impossible not to be overcome by the mere anticipation of feasting like a king.

The average Thanksgiving dinner is between 3,000 and 4,500 calories—some people consume even more. In the spirit of healthy holidays, we remind you to embrace something called portion control, lest you ditch the stuffing and pumpkin pie. There’s nothing wrong with indulging in your favorite holiday dishes as long as you subscribe to the moderation-is-key school of thought.

Temptation undoubtedly seems to come alive during the holidays, rearing its ugly head with offers of all-you-can-eat throw downs and family get-togethers filled with somebody’s homemade heart attack on a plate. Instead of skipping out on invitations or eating altogether, be smart about what and how much you consume. Don’t be afraid to implement the practice of portion control beyond the holidays. Portion control defines parameters for healthy eating and weight management. It involves understanding how much a serving size is and using that knowledge to monitor your calorie intake. Portion control allows you to cut back on the size and number of servings you eat, in order to avoid overconsumption and weight gain. So this holiday, save adjectives like gobble and plump for the turkey. Enjoy your pilgrim-inspired meal (guilt-free) knowing you can still dine on yummy foods without feeling like a balloon in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Check out the infographic below to view your recommended servings and determine what you will gobble up carefully choose to eat during holiday dinner!

Infographic courtesy of The University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center

How to Carve Up Your Thanksgiving Calories Infographic

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