Exercise New Treatment for Migraines?


For those of use who suffers from migraines, knows how painful they can be. There are a couple of options to treat migraines. Regular exercise is one treatment that doctors have been known to recommend, even thou there wasn’t any evidence to prove it works. That is until now.

A Swedish study from the University of Gothenburg, looked to validate doctors’ exercise recommendations. They succeed, the results of the study showed that exercise could prevent migraines just as well as the other recommended treatments: the medicine topiramate and relaxation techniques.

The study consisted of 91 migraine patients, and their treatments were carried out over the course of three months. The patients were split into thirds; one group was asked to exercise for 40 minutes three times a week, another group was asked to do relaxation techniques, and the final group took the medicine, topiramate. Before, during, and after the treatments the study monitored the patients’ migraine status, quality of life, and physical activities. Follow-ups were conducted three and six months after the treatment ended.

“Our conclusion is that exercise can act as an alternative to relaxations and topiramate when it comes to preventing migraines, and is particularly appropriate for patients who are unwilling or unable to take preventative medicines,” says Emma Varkey, the physiotherapist and doctoral student at the Sahlgrenska Academy who carried out the study.

Yet, another reason to hit the gym.