Medical Community Responds to Boston Marathon Patients

The country still has to recover from the shock that perpetrated Monday’s Boston Marathon bombings. Spectators, police, and volunteers helped several individuals with injuries, until they received medical attention. Marathon runners who anticipated demand, willingly donated blood to the nearby hospitals.

The Medical Community in Boston emerged as unsung heroes in hospital emergency rooms, by rising to the occasion. Several physicians, trauma surgeons, and nurses readily responded to the patients. While these individuals were merely doing their jobs, they treated almost 176 patients with minor and major injuries. The patients were within the age groups of 5-78. The injuries comprised of shrapnel wounds, mangled limbs, and severe amputation cases. Medical personnel conducted urgent surgeries, and took life-saving amputation decisions. Surgeons compared the extent of the injuries caused, to war injuries. Even as a post-war like atmosphere looms around the hospitals in Boston, the ever-ready medical personnel continue to assist these patients. As long as the medical community stands by these patients, we can only hope that many wounds are healed, and several lives are saved.

By: Smitha Butt

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Image Credits: Kron4 News