Is ‘Contagion’ Already Happening?

Contagion Credit: Warner Bros. Studios

‘Contagion’ is a fictional thriller that is centered around the threat posed by a deadly disease and portrays the CDC’s response to the outbreak. The movie has everyone buzzing but it’s not about the actual movie. Instead moviegoers are wondering if the movie could really happen. The CDC and other public health departments suggest that, “Not only could it happen, but public health professionals and scientists, both locally and globally, are working to find out if it is happening and doing all they can to prevent it.” talks to the CDC’s Assistant Surgeon General Dr. Ali S. Khan and her answer to the golden question, “What would I (CDC) do if this happened?” Khan says that while the movie is a possibility there are a lot of variables to consider. First and foremost the CDC would need to know its enemy: the genetics of the virus, how it attacks and who it kills. She then discusses the CDC’s plan of attack: disease surveillance and then containing a contagion.

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Image Credit: Warner Bros. Studios