Begin Your Career in the Healthcare Industry

One of the many reasons individuals choose to enter the Healthcare Industry is due to its firm resilience during financial crisis. It doesn’t matter at which stage you are in your medical career, we have some highly useful steps that can help you kick-start your journey, and land in your dream job in Healthcare.

H – Have the required Medical or Health Science Degree
The first necessary step to getting a job in Healthcare, is putting in the hard work to earn your degree.

E – Envision Your Future
Medical School is tough, but it has proved to pay-off in the long-term. Stay in school, and remember to envision your bright future.

A – Acquire Medical Certifications, and fulfill Residency Requirements
Once you’ve met the degree requirements your next step would be specialization. Based on your interests you can further get certified, and fulfill any necessary residency requirements.

L – Learning Continuously
Involve yourself in continuous learning by being alert and aware. Knowing what other individuals are doing in their respective medical careers, can drive you to make your own decisions.

T – Transferrable Skills
Like any other field, even a medical career demands skills that run across the board. An aptitude for computer technology, accounting, or marketing can take you a long way in this field. Also, being empathetic towards your patients is a valued personable skill in this industry.

H – Have a Mentor
When it comes to healthcare, you need to have at least one or two mentors. The physicians you train under could very well fit that position. Start working in a clinic, or hospital and let your mentor know that you’re in it for the learning.


C – Create Your Resume, CV and Cover Letter
In the process of acquiring qualifications do not forget to build your essential documents. Based on your job title you may be required to prepare a resume, or curriculum vitae (CV), or both. These documents will need to be updated throughout the course of your career.

A – Advance Your Career
You will have to do everything in your capacity to advance your medical career. Find internships, attend medical conferences, join professional associations, and network with other industry folk. In the process remember to enjoy yourself, so you’re not bogged down by the responsibilities

R – Researching Medical Journals
To stay on top of your game, you will need to research various medical topics. Subscribe to medical journals, which can increase your knowledge and keep you updated with all the health industry news.

E – Errors
Medical errors can become serious setbacks in your career. Remember to consult senior doctors, and experienced professionals when in doubt.

Follow the above steps, and you are guaranteed to land in your dream job.  Be sure to visit weekly for more job search tips and career advice.

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By: Smitha Butt