5 Questions To Ask At Your Next Job Interview

Preparing for an upcoming interview can be a nerve-racking process. Asking the right questions will not only help you gain a better understanding about the position, but it will also convey to your potential employer that you’re interested in the position. Whether you’re a novice to the healthcare industry or a well-seasoned vet, here are a few questions you can ask during your next interview to help your chances of receiving a job offer.

“What are the daily responsibilities for the position?”
Learn what the daily tasks are that you’d be asked to perform. Will you learn and grow through the position? Is it below your skill level, rendering you bored in a few months? Learn what you can to determine whether or not the day-to-day job is a good fit. Additionally, this question will set up your expectations regarding responsibilities and, ultimately, help you make your decision.

“What is it like to work for this employer?”
Nothing helps you determine if an employer is good to work for better than talking to one of their employees. Strike up a conversation with someone in the bathroom or elevator, or talk to an administrative assistant as you wait for the interview. Learn about the work culture and employee satisfaction as best you can, but note that if an employee isn’t satisfied with his or her job, they might be wary of being completely honest with a potential colleague. Read their tone and body language to see if they’re genuine or holding back and simply trying to put on a good face.

“What do you enjoy most about working for this employer?”
If you’re able to bend a non-hiring manager’s ear, be sure to ask about the best part of working for the company. Get a sense of the perks, and if you find someone really chatty they might branch into a few things they’d like to see change around the office. All of this information is valuable as you consider taking the job.

“How did this position become available?”
This can be a very telling question! Learn the history of the available position. Why did the previous person leave? Is there a high turnover rate in general? Hopefully the manager will be honest with you and let you know if this is an entry-level position or something more long-term in nature. If it’s entry-level, you’ll most likely gain experience for a year or two then move on to bigger and better things, which could be perfect! If it isn’t entry-level and there’s a high turnover rate, red flags should fly. It could be because of salary, micromanaging, poor benefits or any other number of potential risks that you need to consider and weigh.

“What are you seeking in the ideal candidate?”
Learn what type of employee the employer is looking for and talk through how you fit that description. Ask how those qualities will help with the specifics of the job — learn all you can! Keep in mind that you’re interviewing them just as much as they’re interviewing you. If it doesn’t sound like you fit the bill for the position, that’s okay. Sometimes there’s a better plan in motion, and you just have to be patient until the right opportunity presents itself.

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