Five Foods That Fight Fatigue

sleepless woman fight fatigue

Getting up early each morning is a familiar routine for many. However, some of us often wake up still exhausted and drained of energy. Fatigue is a common condition for people who do not sleep an average 8 hours per night. It’s hard enough trying to juggle family, jobs, relationships and other daily commitments. What if you simply can’t squeeze a full 8 hours of sleep into your schedule. But there is a secret to help fight fatigue and have more energy… and it involves doing what you were going to do anyway: eating!

Here are five foods that might be able to give you that extra boost you’ve been looking for:

  1. Oatmeal
    Oatmeal is best first thing in the morning. Its complex carbohydrates spend the least amount of time in the stomach, which means you get a quick boost of energy. Unlike most cereals that contain high sugars, eating oatmeal doesn’t result in a sugar crash. Since it is high in fiber as well, it also helps your digestive system work more smoothly.

  3. Yogurt
    Your body processes yogurt more quickly than solid food, which makes it a great quick source of energy. Most yogurt labels feature the phrase “contains active cultures”. This means that the yogurt has some of the good bacteria that aids in digestion.  Greek yogurt is the most recommended to consume because it contains about twice the protein of non-Greek yogurt, as well as a much richer, creamier texture.

  5. Spinach
    Spinach is high in iron, which helps the body produce energy by delivering oxygen to the cells and enabling them to perform optimally. You can incorporate spinach into your daily diet in a variety of ways! Add it to a soup or put it to your sandwich instead of boring, old iceberg lettuce. And a fresh spinach salad makes flavors pop. (You can even consider adding some of the other foods on this list to your salad!)

  7. Nuts and seeds
    Pumpkin seeds, almonds, cashews and hazelnuts are all great sources of magnesium, which helps fight muscle fatigue. A daily dose of nuts is the definite way to go. Eating nuts as a snack daily is beneficial to your body. Pre-packed single servings are great, as well as combining them with fruit. A small handful serving is recommended if consuming more than twice a day.

  9. Beans
    Beans fight fatigue because they are high in fiber content which works together to help balance blood sugar to prevent dips in energy. Beans can be incorporated into any meal and are great for promoting digestive health, as well as preventing constipation (and the weight gain that is often associated with it).

So, if you want to foods that fuel you with energy, make sure to add these 5 critical foods to help not only promote a healthier lifestyle, but fight fatigue while doing it!